Not all concrete is the same, and in most cases, it has some type of coverage that needs to be removed prior to our coating applications. We specialize in removing failing coatings and mastic glues and with the help of our expertise in removal services for coating, we can apply our system directly to concrete to ensure proper adhesion.

Our coating removal services also offer concrete coatings which type of protective coating that is applied to concrete surfaces to improve their appearance, durability, and resistance to wear and tear. There are several types of concrete coatings, including acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane, and polyaspartic. Acrylic coatings are a water-based coating that is easy to apply and dries quickly. They are often used as a sealer to protect concrete surfaces from staining and to improve their appearance.

Concrete coatings can improve the durability of concrete surfaces and protect them from wear and tear, heavy traffic, and chemical exposure. They can also improve the appearance of concrete surfaces and can be tinted to various colors. Moreover, concrete increases surface friction and safety, making the floor suitable for use in high-traffic areas. When removing previous coatings, we use our reliable coating removal glue to ensure that the surface is properly prepared for the new coating.