Epoxy Floor Coatings
For Your Garage

The Garage is usually the entry of your home and should be coated and sealed so you don’t track dirt into your home. Our coatings will not only protect the surface of your concrete but it will also decrease dirt and dust into your home. They will enhance the overall aesthetics of your garage floor and make it more resistant to debris, stains, and tire marks. All those tiny imperfections which are common with garage floors will no longer be seen after you apply our concrete floor coatings.

Epoxy Floor Coatings
For Your Basement

Our concrete coatings are a perfect solution for a big problem. How many times have you heard about someone getting water our sewage in their basement? More times than not… You are now having to replace your existing floor coverings like carpet, laminate, tile, and more. This can be time consuming and very expensive. With our epoxy coating, you just clean up the water and sanitize the floor. Simple and easy! We offer different colors and styles that will fit your decor.

Other ideal areas for epoxy floor coatings in and around your home include pole barns, work shop areas, utility rooms, covered porches, Florida rooms and more.

Benefits Of Using Our Epoxy Coatings

Slip Resistant

The Concrete Coating is slip resistance which will prevent home or work injuries.


Low Voc

Our coating are low voc and made in the USA.



Stains wipe right up on our nonporous coating.



Premium Warranty

All of our floor coating systems come with an industry standard premium warranty.



No Hot-Tire Pickup

Our Speciality Patented countings prevent hot tire pick up.



Antimicrobial & Antibacterial

Our coatings are antimicrobial & antibacterial ideal for hospitals, food processing plants, restrooms, restaurants, basements, garages & more.

2x Thicker ThanPolyurea/Polyaspartic
One Day Systems

Our Premium Full Flake Systems are 2x thicker than the Polyurea/Polyaspartic One Day Systems. The bottom line is you are getting a thicker floor for less costs with MI Epoxy. To ensure proper adhesion, we prime our floors and allow them to cure overnight. Our floors take the proper time needed, and are not rushed like the One Day Floor Companies.