Epoxy Basement Floor Contractor

Epoxy coating is a waterproof material that provides high performance, durable surface, transforming dull, drab concrete slabs into stunning flooring. These impact-resistant floors are strong enough to handle heavy machinery, extreme temperatures, as well as chemical spills. It is a great solution for basements that are susceptible to water and activity damage. While it is a high-performing flooring option, choosing the right epoxy basement floor contractor is crucial to ensure satisfaction with your new epoxy flooring project.

Here are 5 tips that you need to find the next epoxy basement floor contractor.

1. Get Multiple Epoxy Flooring Quotes

If you want to find the best epoxy basement floor contractor, you must consult with a multitude of contractors before choosing one. Make sure you get price quotes and service from each contractor for your epoxy project. This will help you make comparisons and avoid spending extra money for a job that can be done under your budget. Typically, it costs around $3 to $7 per square foot to apply epoxy to a basement floor.

Epoxy Basement Floor Contractor

2. Check Warranty Information Before Signing Contract

Most epoxy basement floorings offer a lifetime warranty; however, you must be wary of such warranties as there is no guarantee as to whether the business is going to operate for the lifetime. Additionally, different epoxy manufacturers offer different guarantees, so make sure you get all the necessary information before you finalize a contract. There are two types of warranties i.e., workmanship warranty and a manufacturer’s warranty. Note that the manufacturer’s warranty covers issues related to peeling, fading, and blistering of the coating within a certain period. A workmanship warranty is a binding agreement between the contractor and client that covers installation defects and errors.

3. Consider Flooring Applicators’ Experience Level

To get the job completed quickly and professionally ensure that the epoxy basement floor contractor has over 1-2 years of epoxy flooring experience. Ensure that the contractor has a good working knowledge of flooring materials, warranties, and application procedures. Note that some epoxy floors can be challenging to install and if a professional makes mistakes, it can result in additional expenses. So, make sure you choose a contractor that is confident in their work.

4. Ask About the Time-Frame for the Epoxy Project Completion

The best epoxy basement floor contractors should be able to give you an estimated time of when they can get epoxy installation or refurbishment done in your facility. This is crucial to know, so you can prevent any delays that can affect your schedule. With a time frame, you can set realistic deadlines and ask the contractors to follow them. Additionally, if they give you a short time frame, it is indicative of their professionalism. While those who take long are likely to be amateurs who are likely to take more time than usual to ensure a quality finish to the project.

5. Make Sure the Contractor is Fully Insured and Licensed

To hire the right epoxy basement floor contractor, ensure they hold a licensing document, issued by a state or local government. The document is proof of the level of competence that they gain after passing relevant tests, and forms, and paying the application fee. This reflects their reliability and integrity, so you can save yourself from fraudulent services. Note that epoxy installation holds the possibility of damaging your machinery or property. If your contractor is not insured, you may be held accountable for on-the-job injuries. Besides, you may have to pay for damages incurred to your property.

Epoxy Basement Floor Contractor


Choosing the right epoxy basement floor contractor minimizes the chances of spending extra money on your epoxy flooring project. By considering the tips below, you can ensure that in an event of an accident or damage, you do not have to worry about taking out extra cash from your pocket. A fully licensed and insured contractor will not hold you liable for on-site injuries and property damage.

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