Floor Painting Contractors

Epoxy floor coatings are resilient and can protect your floor from further damage while bringing professional refinement that it may be lacking. Additionally, they add an aesthetic element to your floors by transforming the plain concrete slab into a shiny, smooth surface that is easy to clean. Epoxy paints are five times thicker than normal paint and are tricky to apply. This is why most homeowners choose to hire floor painting contractors to ensure high-quality project completion.

If you are wondering how floor painting contractors apply epoxy floor coatings, here is a step-by-step guide.

1. Prepare the Surface Before Applying Epoxy

Surface preparation is an important step in ensuring that the epoxy product adheres to the substrate effectively. For this reason, floor painting contractors use grinding, sanding, shot-blasting, and milling methods. Diamond grinding is the most popular choice that allows you to choose various types of tools to best cater to your flooring needs. For instance, for a rough concrete surface, contractors may use an aggressive and coarse diamond tool. In contrast, for light preparation, they choose a light sanding tool.

Floor Painting Contractors

2. Sweep and Clean the Floor

After grinding has been done, floor painting contractors vacuum the floor to ensure there is no dust or dirt left before applying a coat of epoxy or primer. If you do not clean the surface before, then the particles will get trapped within the coat, weakening the adhesion between the epoxy and substrate while compromising its aesthetics. Contractors suggest using an industrial vacuum that picks up micro-dusts and has suitable filters.

3. Prime the Floor with Suitable Epoxy Primer

Floor painting contractors then apply epoxy primer to prepare the surface which would ensure better epoxy adhesion to the substrate. Epoxy primers are also helpful in properly sealing the surface to prevent bubbles and gasses from showing up in your final epoxy coat. Additionally, primer evenly penetrates the concrete substrate so less epoxy product is used in the later stages. Sometimes, one layer of primer would quickly get absorbed by dusty and soft cement substrate. In that case, floor painting contractors apply a second coat on top of the first.

4. Use an Epoxy Group to Fill All Cracks and Holes

If there are deep or large holes in the floor, make sure that you fill them with epoxy filler or grout before or after applying the primer. Epoxy fillers are made of glass or plastic microspheres that are mixed with epoxy to achieve high adhesion capability. This is especially useful for various purposes, such as gap or hole filling in concrete, adhesive bonding, etc.

5. Apply First Coat of Epoxy Paint

Once the contractors are done prepping the surface, they apply the first coat of epoxy paint. The first coat acts as a good determinant of how well the substrate is holding up. If any small dents, microscopic cracks, and holes are visible in the first coat you can fill it up again before applying the second coat. Note that epoxy floor paints have 30-45 minutes of pot life which requires contractors to have assistants with them to speed up the process. If not, the mixture ends up hardening which becomes unsuitable for application.

6. Sand and Fill the Floor Again

Contractors wait 16-24 hours to allow the first coat to sufficiently dry before re-coating. They then eliminate any additional dents and marks that may be visible after the first coat by lightly sanding them. Also, contractors vacuum the floor again to get rid of any remaining micro-dust and seal up new cracks and holes.

Floor Painting Contractors

7. Apply The Final Coat

The floor painting contractors evenly applies the final coat using a high-quality roller. They use spiked shoes to step on the wet coating and see if there are any areas that they have missed.


Epoxy floor coating is a hazardous substance to apply and performing the task step-by-step is necessary to ensure a successful application.

If you do not like messy, time-consuming tasks, simply hire an epoxy floor company, like Mi Epoxy Floors. Our professionals are mindful of customers’ personalized needs and can tailor the services according to your needs. Contact us today to discuss your project and get it done today!