Floor Coating Removal in Michigan

Epoxy coatings are widely used to coat garage floor because of their high chemical resistance. They’re also extremely durable, and their high adhesion makes them suitable for garage floors. These qualities come with a drawback. The durability and strong adhesion make upgrading a garage floor challenging. If the epoxy was not applied correctly, a high-quality specialized machine would be required for floor coating removal in Michigan and redo the process.

In this blog, we will sneak a peek into how garage floor coating removal in Michigan takes place.

Removing Epoxy Flooring of Garage Floor

There are two methods for removing epoxy from a concrete surface. You can remove them with chemicals (solvent or stripper) or by grinding them away. We’ll be focusing on the latter.

While using chemicals appears to be less labor-intensive, it may not produce the best results. Especially when working on an epoxy-coated garage floor that was previously applied by another expert.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Prepare Grinder

Make sure you’re familiar with the safety guidelines provided by the grinder’s manufacturer. Some manufacturers will also provide free demonstrations of how to use the tool.pat

Check out if the tool you want to use as a demo is available. This is important because, while these tools are very useful for floor coating removal in Michigan, the large powered ones can cause severe injuries if the recommended safety procedures are not followed.

Ensure all of the machine’s extractor vents are not blocked and that all cables are in good working order. When you’re certain that everything is in working order, connect it to the power source and wheel it to the far end corner of the floor, close to the edge.

  1. Install Diamond Shoes

The diamond shoes are part of the grinder that will make contact with the ground. You need to wear general-purpose or carbide shoes for this purpose.

The general-purpose diamond shoes are preferable because they are strong and work best for aggressive concrete removal or tough floor coating removal in Michigan. Most contractors prefer diamond shoes because they can remove not only epoxy but urethane coatings, concrete fillers as well as other undesirable materials from the surface.

However, if you’re working on a very thick-hard epoxy surface, the pair of diamond shoes are the best choice. It will also assist you in removing other difficult-to-remove elements such as deck coatings and waterproof membranes, among others.


Garage Epoxy Floor Coating Removal

  1. Use the Grinder

Once you’ve finished the setup, turn on the floor grinder and wait for it to reach the recommended Revolutions per Minute (rpm). After that, lower its discs to the floor coating removal in Michigan and move it from left to right in a side-to-side pattern.

Don’t stop until the coating has been removed from the entire floor. Make sure you haven’t missed any spaces.

  1. Clean the Floor

You’ll undoubtedly have a lot of dust to clean up after the process is finished. You can use a dust collector to collect any laitance, dust, or concrete chippings that may be left behind.

Once all of the dust and other materials have been removed from the surface, you can proceed to thoroughly clean the floor in preparation for any other surface preparation activities that may be required.

 A Sneak Peek into Garage Epoxy Floor Coating Removal in Michigan


  • Make sure you get used to the equipment. If it’s your first time, take advantage of any demos that are available and thoroughly read the manufacturer’s manual.
  • To ensure the safety of the area you want to work on, conduct a risk assessment. Check for any wet patches that could cause power short circuits. The area should be well-lit, and the floor should be clean.
  • During machine setup, make sure your lead is not connected to a power source and the power is turned off.
  • Put on all of your safety equipment. Non-slip boots or shoes (fully enclosed), dust masks, ear muffs, safety glasses, a hard hat, and gloves should all be worn. Wear no loose clothing that could get caught in the moving parts of the equipment.


Garage Epoxy Floor Coating Removal


Having said that, floor coating removal in Michigan is a complicated and lengthy process. It requires a lot of professional equipment along with a skillset to get the job done right. At MI Epoxy, we can get the job done for you to save you the hassle. Get in touch today for seamless floor coating removal in Michigan.