Whether you’re a homeowner looking to protect and enhance your flooring or a business owner seeking durable coatings for industrial facilities, finding the right coating services in Michigan is crucial. The state’s diverse climate and demanding conditions require specialized coatings that withstand extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, and heavy usage.

However, many companies boast exceptional work and customer service but hardly meet our expectations. To find the Best Coating Services in Michigan, here are five essential questions to keep in mind during your search.

Best Coating Services in Michigan

Questions to Ask Your Contractor to Get the Best Coating Services in Michigan

What is the coating type?

The flooring system’s primary purpose is to protect the structure’s floor and to maintain an attractive appearance. That is why you should ask about the floor covering materials used by your contractor.

One of the most popular types of flooring today is epoxy-based flooring. Epoxy concrete coatings offer a modern look to your space due to their vivid and glossy coating. They also provide a durable floor that is easy to clean, chemically resistant, and can withstand heavy traffic.

How many coats will be applied?

For the best coating services in Michigan, ask your contractor how many coats will be applied and what sort of finish the experts recommend. They should apply two coats of epoxy resin to concrete floors for the best results.

Ask them if they plan to prime the floor before applying the first coat. Before applying the coats, make sure they intend to use a self-leveler, as epoxy can’t self-level by itself. Discuss and clarify whether you want a gloss, semi-gloss, or satin finish for polyurethane.

Are you going to outsource the work?

Imagine that after signing an agreement with one contractor, you later learn that someone else is handling the project. Outsourcing the work can turn out to be a disappointment, and the best coating services in Michigan would never do that.

With multiple vendors on board, the service quality can be hindered if they don’t have the same level of expertise. Moreover, it might be possible that the third party doesn’t have insurance and isn’t bound to cover the damages in case of an accident. Avoid this frustration by asking your contractor initially if they plan to outsource the project. If the answer is yes, hiring them might not be the best idea.

What equipment are you going to use?

Coating services need specialized equipment from the beginning of the process till the end. It requires an industrial grinder for preparation, mixing equipment, and other technical tools to coat the floor effectively. When you hire a qualified business to complete the task, you can expect them to arrive prepared with the necessary tools.

One critical factor to be mindful of is that only an established company can afford this equipment. On the contrary, a fraudulent business in this sector wouldn’t be able to spend the money needed to purchase the best machinery. Thus, how they answer this question will help you determine whether they provide the best coating services in Michigan.

What would be the long-term maintenance of the product?

Your investment continues once the floor coating is completed. To get the best coating services in Michigan, ask the service provider about the necessary upkeep and care if you want to ensure that the coating maintains its look for years.

Moreover, ask them when the floor needs to be replaced. Remember, any epoxy floor typically lasts between 10 to 20 years. So, shift to another contractor if they guarantee less time than this.

Professional Coating Services in Michigan City

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