Hiring epoxy floor contractors is an excellent addition to your annual office renovation project. They can transform the dull workplace into sleek interiors, such as lobbies, store displays, luxurious car dealerships, multi-level garages, factories, and warehouses.

As a leading solution provider, Mi Epoxy Floors offers a seamless blend of style and durability. Let’s take a look at why you should consider hiring us for your next office renovation project!

Mi Epoxy Floors

8 Reasons You Should Hire Mi Epoxy Floors for Your Office Renovation

1. Expertise in Flooring Technicalities

Our experts guide you through what type of flooring works best for your workplace. We can help you select the best material, finishing, type of coating, installation method, and design that will enhance the overall look of your office. With us as your guides, your office remodeling can be quick and efficient.

2. Floor Prep Before Installation

A perfect installation is done only when the floor is prepared well. Mi Epoxy Floors offers diamond grinding services to open the pores of concrete surfaces. This process is essential to repair and maintain pavement surfaces. It involves removing previous glue, existing coatings, etc., to ensure smooth installation and lasting floor durability.

3. Enhance Your Office Appearance

Our industrial-grade flooring can be customizable to match your office look. We enhance high-quality materials by adding distinctive colors and styles to give your run-down office building a brand-new look. You can pair the glistening surface of the polished epoxy flooring with decorative lights and see how it transforms the overall appearance of the working area.

4. Durable for Heavy Machinery

Another reason you should hire Mi Epoxy Floors is our high-quality floor resistance to hold heavy machinery in the facility. The hardeners in the resin composition are defensive against heavy-weight objects. Along with providing a stylish and glossy look, these materials can withstand heavy loads, shocks, abrasion, and multiple risks typically faced in the industry. They also create an impermeable, heat-resistant surface to endure strong chemicals commonly used in factories and warehouses.

5. Protective Flooring

There is no doubt that the commercial company faces high foot traffic, which requires the construction of flooring to be sturdy and long-lasting. To combat this, our installed flooring is slip resistant and constructed with the necessary friction to ensure that neither employees nor visitors are harmed. Our flooring solutions also include a protective overlay, increasing the surface’s durability and guaranteeing no cracks occur.

6. Low Maintenance

Given the daily workload, we understand that the management looks for low-maintenance flooring solutions. Epoxy flooring is a great way to lessen the burden. Our epoxy floors only need broom sweeping or mopping to keep them glossy and clean all day. Moreover, ultraviolet or UV rays from the sun and indoor light fixtures can cause some industrial epoxy flooring surfaces to fade, discolor and chalk over time. To reduce its impact, Mi Epoxy Floor provides UV-resistant flooring.

7. Timely Completion

Remodeling can be time-consuming, which can disrupt the company’s workflow. With reliable contractors like Mi Epoxy Floors, clients get an accurate estimation of how much time it will take the project to finish. Moreover, they can monitor the progress every step of the way to ensure it’s done correctly and timely.

8. Cost Effective

Epoxy flooring is a beneficial investment that doesn’t require remodeling for years. Moreover, by hiring us, you will also know every little thing that goes into the project to ensure transparency. Our commitment to quality and excellence while being on a reasonable budget shine through in every project we undertake, leaving clients with awe-inspiring results.

Get the Perfect Blend of Style and Durability to Elevate Your Office Space with Mi Epoxy Floors

For your next office renovation, choose Mi Epoxy Floors. We stand out as the leading provider of office Flooring Solutions, setting new standards in the industry with our long-lasting flooring and coating services. With our innovative flooring solutions, our team of experts creates the perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality to appeal the employees and visitors alike!

If you are ready to refloor your workspace, get in touch with our team of professionals to get started!